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For Parents, Caregivers and Educators

NOTE FOR PARENTS: If your child is not meeting the developmental milestones for his or her age, or if you think there could be a problem with the way your child plays, learns, speaks, acts, and moves, share your concerns with your child’s doctor. Just as importantly, tell your child's doctor if you are overwhelmed and think you cannot cope with the child's behavior. Don’t wait. Acting early can make a real difference! For more information, go to Learn the Signs. Act Early.

Parents, grandparents, caregivers, coaches and educators:  When it’s time for practical, proven, personal answers to getting children of all ages to sit at the snack table (and kitchen table); get along with their siblings (and friends, teammates and classmates); clean up their rooms; limit screen time; be kind at home, school and on the soccer team--and 100+ other things—you’re in the right place!

Like brushing your teeth or using a tissue to blow your nose or washing your hands before you eat ... these healthy Mind S.E.T. reactions to children’s behavior will become healthy habits. In the same way as these healthy habits, you won’t even have to think about them…they will be the natural, automatic way you respond to a child’s not sharing or not going to bed. And…the way you take care of yourself and your children for everyone to be healthy and resilient.

Come here for immediate advice you need NOW to provide unconditional love and structure—what children of all ages need most. All healthy children do these things—sometimes hundreds of times a day! Everyone says, “I wish I HAD a Behavior Checker when I was raising my child!” Happily, now you can be glad that it’s right here at your fingertips!

  • Just click on SEARCH ALL BEHAVIORS to get simple, effective teaching strategies that lower everyone's stress. Just to be clear, we are not talking about making sure that your child or grandchild never experiences stress—he’s going to be frustrated, fearful, disappointed, angry and not always get what he wants, for example. We’re saying that your care, support and protection, consistently given...buffering...can mitigate stress so it does not become toxic, a health danger to your child. In short, Parenting is Healthcare.

  • To prevent emotional and physical health problems, parents deserve, and actually need to know, that you are providing the same kind of unconditional love and structure as they do at home every day, hundreds of times a day, about common, but frustrating, behaviors all children do as they test limits and explore their world. And now this information is right here, right now. Pediatric healthcare agrees: It's critical to know how to discipline without hitting, spanking, slapping, threatening, insulting, humiliating or shaming—for everyone who touches a life of a child.

  • It’s convenient, simple to use—search, print and share. That’s the Behavior Checker advice you have right here, right now. What you choose to do every day in response to a child’s behavior from tots to teens actually has more impact on a child's lifelong health, learning and behavior than we ever thought.  In short, Parenting is Healthcare.  The way we treat a tantrum is as important as the way we treat a temperature. How you manage behavior hundreds of times a day is at the core of how you prevent every health crisis we are all dealing with: bullying, obesity, depression, anxiety, heart disease, drug addiction, violence, sexual abuse, cancer, diabetes, and more. For more information about how to bring Behavior Checker to your education setting...

  • Behavior Checker Solutions help you to protect, be a "buffer", against the stress that your employees experience every day at work around parenting.  So that their parenting doesn’t become toxic to their brain, cardiovascular system and immune system, you can provide Behavior Checker as a branded site at work. Research shows that “buffering” stress through this support and caring as an employer, builds executive functioning, self-regulation and other necessary skills to help an adult learn how to be resilient, problem-solve, tolerate frustration, delay gratification, and navigate the ups and downs of life. To help develop the full potential of healthy employees, the healthy Mind S.E.T. of Behavior Checker works! For more information...

The authors and Raised with Love and Limits Foundation disclaim responsibility for any harmful consequences, loss, injury or damage associated with the use and application of information or advice contained in these prescriptions and on this website. These protocols are clinical guidelines that must be used in conjunction with critical thinking and critical judgment.